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The htaccess file is used to override default server settings in particular folders directories The following file is used to override the FollowSymLinks setting provided in the nf file, , see one difference While nf specifies Options FollowSymLinks, override it for the test files te, the htaccess file.

Wherever in your URL space you do not have an Options FollowSymLinks there is nothing Drupal s htaccess is currently doingor can do) to make it less secure.

I am trying to improve the performance of my g2b3 gallery I wonder ifFollowSymlinks is really necessary to be inserted into htaccess by default. Afaik, theFollowSymLinks option is only there for mod rewrite to work.
I have following two lines in htaccess file , I just want to know what do they do OptionsFollowSymLinks OptionsIndexes. These Options settings are typically used with mod rewrite code in htaccess files FollowSymLinks , SymLinksIfOwnerMatchmust* be set before you can use mod. In my nf I have Options FollowSymLinks AllowOverride None , further down ServerAdmin DocumentRoot. FollowSymLinks means if a dir is a symbol link, follow the exes means a dir can be show as list if no index page.

Htaccess: Option FollowSymLinks not allowed here I have defined the apache template with the following for the directory specific Directory HOME public html> OptionsIndexesIncludesNOEXECFollowSymLinks allow from all AllowOverride All Directory But everytime when I create a new.

Options followsymlinks htaccess. 5 Nov 2015 Some shared hosts disallow the FollowSymLinks option , preventing the Drupal installer from loading By Not configuring this option in Drupal 39 s htaccess files, only permit SymLinksIfOwnerMatch Attempting to set the incorrect directive in htaccess was causing server errors , we allow the host to. 3 11 Options Options option fault: All Server config, does not., virtual host, directory htaccess The Options directive is unusually multipurpose

Jun 03, 2003 I use mod rewrite in my htaccess file to send spambots to various other places I notice some in this forum put OptionsFollowSymLinks in. I have CentOs with my nf I have Options FollowSymLinks AllowOverride None , further down ServerAdmin DocumentRootvar www public html ServerName ServerAlias ErrorLog. Then is there anyway to alter the options that are being cause it doesn t work well with the Options used in htaccess which Drupal needs it

Recently my web host decided to disallow the use of the FollowSymLinks option in hostees htaccess files, and suggests to use SymLinksIfOwnerMatch insteadsee this.

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