How do you trade from ruby to diamond zoqib382306536

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Learn how to trade from Diamond to Omega Ruby, with a list of required steps , hardware. How do you trade pokemon from colosseum to diamond, do you have to trade them to ruby saphire emerald, , the slide them over to diamond.,

How do you trade from ruby to diamond.

How do I trade from pokemon ruby to pokemon like if I wanted to get the regi s from ruby , trade them to diamond to get regigagis.

You can only migrate Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby version to Pokemon Diamond versionmeaning that the Pokemon are transfered from Ruby to Diamond, .,

How do I transfer My Ruby pokemon to Diamond Where do You Trade Haunter , Kadabra in Ruby LeafGreen Where do you Trade Kadabra in Ruby. Jan 13, Wi Fi, ruby I want to trade my pokemon from ruby version to pearl version How do i do this without having to use any internet , 2009 I have pokemon pearl
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