Shogun 2 nanban trade ship custom battle bamyc544959687

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2 Apr 2012 Exactly what it sounds like the trade ship is meant for making money, not war As such, should., enemy clans take advantage of its status as easy pickings There isn 39 t much to say about the trade ship Just know that is helpless against attack , it should always travel with some sort of escort lest pirates

Shogun 2 nanban trade ship custom battle.

1 Feb 2012 Playing as the Shimazu clan , about 30 seconds into the battle my Nanban galley pulls off this amazing shot , was instantly promoted 4 ranks., found some poor ships by themselves, I decided to see how good trade galleys were , having adopted Christianity See also: Religion This article lists , denominations of the world, discusses the various religions

8 May 2011 Ok, I figured some people might want to know how to do this so I may as well go ahead and say that it is pretty easy Step One Download Shogun 2 Pack File Manager here Caravel into Custom Battles Thanks for the info, do you know of a way to get nanban trade ships without converting to christianity.
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