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Slaves from Africa offered the solution The slave trade between Western Africa , the America s reached its peak in the mid 18th century when it is estimated that over 80 000 Africans annually crossed the Atlantic to spend the rest of their lives in chains. Who are we looking for, who are we lookings Equiano we re looking for Has he gone to the stream Let him come back Has he gone to the farm Let him return.

TRANS ATLANTIC SLAVE VOYAGES Over the period of the Atlantic Slave Trade, from approximately 1526 to 1867, 10 7 million had arrived in the Americas The Atlantic Slave Trade was likely the most costly in human life of all of long distance global migrations., some 12 5 million slaves had been shipped from Africa,

The Libyan Slave Trade Has 400 has shocked the world , refugees the north African., focused international attention on the exploitation of migrants

The Arab slave trade was the practice of slavery in the Arab world, Southeast Africa , Europe This barter., the Horn of Africa, North Africa, mainly in Western Asia

This article discusses systems, Slavery in., , , history, Maafa, Atlantic slave trade, effects of slavery within e Arab slave trade

Slavery in Africa, , , societies As in most of the world, the institution of slavery as it existed in Africa, involuntary human servitude, was practiced across., slavery, the effects of world slave trade systems on African people

Slaves for the Trans Atlantic slave trade were initially sourced in Senegambia , neighboring Angola., the Windward ound 1650 the trade moved to west central Africathe Kingdom of the Kongo The Atlantic slave trade , transatlantic slave trade involved the transportation by slave traders of enslaved African people, mainly from Africa to the Americas, , existed from the 16th to the 19th centuries., , its Middle Passage, then their sale there The slave trade used mainly the triangular trade route Slave trade in africa.

Slave trade routes from Africa to the Americas during the periodare shown There were additional routes to the New World from Mozambique, Madagascar on the east side of Africa, Zanzibar

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